Éric Antoine

Éric Antoine was born in 1974.
He is a self taught photographer who has been exploring the possibilities of analog photography along many years of traveling around the world and documenting his adventures and encounters. 15 years and many magazine pages later, his life took a sudden turn and as most of it was spent in the chaos of cities and the overwhelmed life of a contemporary citizen, facing the complexity of the world, he decided to switch back to something slower and authentic. A life in the country side focusing on his new passion: Classic photography techniques and mostly Wet plate collodion photography. Returning to the origins in order to create a new future is a common process. In his case it meant to center on nature and simple occupations but also going back to the origins of photography itself by using one of the earliest and purest technique in his now very pictorial artwork.
During 5 years and for his latest book « ensemble seul », Eric Antoine created his work exclusively within his house limits, an exclusive continent of artistic investigations, and an island of restorative solitude.
His exhibitions reflect Eric Antoine's favorite themes: the passage of time, along with his artistic and existential quest for simplicity. Objectified body fragments rest alongside insignificant everyday objects that are displayed as though they were the most precious gems.
Since 2016 he moved to a new universe of wooded mountains, Eric celebrates the immensity and the protective power of nature. His forests are metaphors for our most intimate foundations. Concealed within these nourishing meanders, frail silhouettes act as invitations to rediscover what is most essential. As his compositions broaden, the sky finds its place amongst dense landscapes; everywhere, light trickles like hope.

The materiality of images is at the heart of the artist's investigations. Without any trace of nostalgia, his use of the collodion process serves as an emancipating discipline. In an approach nearing sculpture, Eric produces glistening, silvery photographs that also stand alone as genuine objects.

Eric Antoine’s work is exhibited in galeries and museums around France, USA and Europe.